Volunteer Purpose

Learn More @ Wheeler 101

One of the best ways to learn more about Wheeler Mission is by attending Wheeler 101! Wheeler 101 is a volunteer orientation that anyone in the community may attend but is geared toward those who are interested in our Christ-centered, High Impact volunteer opportunities. The session familiarizes attendees with Wheeler’s values and programs and discusses topics such as poverty, addiction, and homelessness, and imparts knowledge about who our neighbors are!


It makes the invisible visible.


Due to unfortunate misconceptions, people may be hesitant in volunteering or disheartened at what they see on the streets. Although heartache happens in rescue ministry, Wheeler 101 allows us to share the message of life change and freedom through Jesus. It also increases volunteers’ confidence and enthusiasm as well as the reminder that change is possible and it is so exciting to be a part of His Kingdom work!


Throughout the Wheeler 101 session, we also hope to share:


  • Our volunteerism philosophy
  • Opportunities to get involved at all levels
    • Group and Individual opportunities
    • Skill-based & Professional opportunities
    • Volunteer Leader opportunities
    • High Impact opportunities
  • The vision for our High Impact volunteer model
  • Basic expectations for serving at Wheeler Mission


We hope to see you at a Wheeler 101 session soon! To see upcoming days/times, please click here and let us know if you have any questions.