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Volunteer opportunities, including meal service, at our men’s locations

David Sheldon, Volunteer Engagement Manager · Email David

Volunteer opportunities, including meal service, at our women’s locations & Thrift Store

Becca Mathews, Volunteer Engagement Manager · Email Becca

Wheeler 101 and all High Impact volunteer opportunities

Bethany Alvis, Director of Volunteers · Email Bethany

Special events

Tammy Ellis, Director of Special Events · Email Tammy

Event sponsorships or fundraising ideas

Brian Crispin, Director of Marketing · Email Brian

Food donations

Chef Sam Brown, Food Service Director · Email Sam

Shelter and services to homeless men

William Bumphus, Director of Shelter for Men · Email William

Shelter and services to homeless and/or addicted women & mothers with children

Colleen Gore, Director of Women’s Services · Email Colleen

Donating cash, stock, or automobiles

Steve Kerr, Chief Development Officer · Email Steve

Donating clothing or material goods

Pam Eversole, Thrift Store Supervisor · Email Pam


Cal Nelson, Chief Program Officer · Email Cal

Men’s addiction recovery program

Brandon Andrews, Director of Men’s Residential Center · Email Brandon

General info about Wheeler

Kathy Hergott, Administrative Assistant · Email Kathy

Accounts Payable

Tom Johnson, Director of Accounting · Email Tom

Accounts Receivable and Database

Anna Warner, Director of Data Processing · Email Anna

Human Resources

Robert Weller, Director of Human Resources · Email Robert

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