“You truly make things better.”

“You truly make things better.”

This piece was authored by Alex Pollock, a High Impact volunteer at our Center for Women & Children.

Listening, building relationships & refining a craft.

I’ve been volunteering at Wheeler since January 2018. I mainly work with Restored Creations (the candle making social enterprise at the Center for Women & Children), taking product photos and talking with the ladies. Every couple of weeks or so, I get the privilege to sit down with a woman, one-on-one, and listen to her story. That’s been my favorite part. Although I don’t just listen—I also take notes and eventually help her turn her story into a one-page testimony that gets sent out with each candle.

I love listening to these stories because I get the privilege to hear something so real and personal, and most of the time…hard. And I get to experience a piece of that woman’s life that most people probably don’t. I get to laugh at her embarrassing moments, and cry with her while she details the hardest moments. These ladies have trusted me with their most tightly held hurts, and that’s not something I take lightly. So thank you, ladies of Restored Creations, for being open with your stories and for being willing to share them with me.

While this task allows me to cherish sweet intimate moments with these women, it also pushes me to hone my journalism skills. It’s quite challenging to sum up someone’s life in a meaningful way in just three hundred words or less. I like that about Wheeler. They allow me, and others, to work on professional skills while building relationships with guests and staff alike.

Thank you, Wheeler!

Friday afternoons at Restored Creations are some of my favorite times of the week. I know that I can always find a smiling and laughing face on floor six, and I really appreciate that. Wheeler provides an ever joyful environment of growth, grace, and love for everyone who steps foot in the building. 

I started volunteering at Wheeler to put down some roots and become more involved in the Indianapolis community. While I have accomplished that, I’ve also learned and experienced much more than I set out to. The care that Wheeler has for every individual is amazing and is evident in everything they do. The way Restored Creations emphasizes an authentic and honest work place provides the ladies with real life experiences that are invaluable, and that shows real dedication to recovery. I am constantly in awe of the ways that I feel loved and valued at Wheeler as a High Impact volunteer. So in closing, thank you Wheeler Mission, Restored Creations, and the ladies of Higher Ground. You truly make things better.