Why I Volunteer at Wheeler’s Center for Women & Children–Ginny Hahn

Why I Volunteer at Wheeler’s Center for Women & Children–Ginny Hahn

The LORD is faithful in all his words and kind in all his works. (Psalm 145:13b)

Between growing up in Indianapolis and attending an urban Presbyterian church during my formative years, I don’t remember a time I didn’t know about poverty and homelessness. Perhaps due to my early church experience plus my involvement in urban youth sports teams, I’ve had a heart for those in our community who don’t have the many advantages I’ve been afforded throughout my life. This burden has been a part of me for decades.

While working for National Christian Foundation Indiana (NCF Indiana), I was blessed to become friends with Becca Mathews. As our friendship grew, so did Becca’s career.  By the time Becca’s invitation to attend the women’s 125 Celebration last October arrived, I had been retired from NCF Indiana for several months and had been asking God to show me where he wanted me to serve. The timing of the call out for membership in the Mary Wheeler Circle lined up with my available resources (time and finances).

The desire to serve was starting to become a reality when I created my Wheeler volunteer profile online. The next step was to sign up! As the anxiety of serving for the first time bubbled up, I decided to invite a friend to join me to serve lunch at the Center for Women & Children (CWC). She accepted and off we went. What a joy to serve, pray, and step out of my comfort zone and grow. Since that first time serving, I’ve prepared and served meals, participated in hosting a Valentine’s Day party for the guests, served during winter contingency, and most recently begun staffing the Resource Center weekly. I’m learning how faithful God is to equip me when I obediently step out in faith and show up. He takes care of the rest.

One week, as I was driving to the CWC, I asked God to show up big, allow me to be used by Him, and pour His Spirit into me to love each lady that opened the Resource Center door. Wow, did He ever hear me. That morning, we had a room full of women sitting at computers working on job applications, as well as apartment hunting. How humbling it was to listen to these women’s stories of heartbreak, resiliency, and hope. Seeing the respect and bonds built by these guests was beautiful to witness. The opportunity to pray for one guest was overwhelming as tears flowed down both of our cheeks. By stepping out in faith, despite my fears and inadequacy, I am learning firsthand that God does not call the equipped, He equips the called.

I am thankful for the opportunities I have been given at Wheeler Mission’s Center for Women & Children and hope others are encouraged to step out in faith and serve at CWC too.

This piece is authored by Ginny Hahn, a Mary Wheeler Circle Member and CWC volunteer.