We give thanks!

feeding homeless women

We give thanks!

Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good, for His steadfast love endures forever (Psalm 136:1).

Dear friend,

Thanksgiving is such a tender, bittersweet time at Wheeler Mission.

For many of our guests, the future is unknown and scary. Be it years of chronic homelessness, debilitating addiction, or sudden emergency, something went terribly wrong. On Thanksgiving—a day dedicated to family and bounty—so many come to Wheeler hungry and alone.

It’s hard to see God’s goodness when the reality in front of you is lonely, bleak, and full of pain. But, dear friend, it’s through your generosity and kindness that these precious men and women begin to see glimmers of God’s grace, transforming power, and enduring love. Time after time, a Thanksgiving meal sets the course for incredible life change and healing. A weary soul is greeted with compassion, nourishment, and community—each providing the strength needed to begin anew.

Today, across our facilities and dining halls, there will be celebration, thanksgiving, and stories of redemption and restoration…all shared over a slice of pecan pie and warm cup of coffee! The men and women of Wheeler have walked through trials, doubt, uncertainty, and regret, yet emerge transformed—full of hope and potential. It’s my earnest prayer that our brand new guests, those planning to come today for a Thanksgiving dinner and warm bed, see what’s possible and trust us to walk with them.

Today, Thanksgiving Day, we give thanks and trust in the Lord’s steadfast goodness, believing that His power and love are louder than pain, addiction, homelessness, and poverty. Thank you for all you do to make this ministry possible—God has undoubtedly heaped His steadfast love upon us through you.

For those who have donated funds…we give thanks.

For those who have labored with us and volunteered…we give thanks.

For those who have shared food and clothing…we give thanks.

For those who have faithfully prayed…we give thanks.

For those who have befriended our guests, offering lasting community and support…we give thanks.

Today, as you gather around your table with loved ones, please remember Wheeler and our courageous guests, each on a journey to help, hope, and healing.

On behalf of the staff and guests at Wheeler Mission, Happy Thanksgiving!

With heartfelt gratitude,