Testimony Training Workshop

Testimony Training Workshop

But in your hearts honor Christ the Lord as holy, always being prepared to make a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you. 1 Peter 3:15 (ESV)

Sharing the Reason for Our Hope

On October 7th, a Sunday afternoon, the eight Higher Ground guests invested two hours to learn how to compose and give their testimonies. We started the workshop thinking about opportunities in the past to share our testimonies. The ladies had some success stories and also some times when they didn’t feel adequately prepared. Everyone was enthusiastic to learn, especially since several of the ladies were just about to put their testimony in Restored Creation candles.

We started the workshop by considering significant events in Joseph’s life (Genesis 37-46) and plotting them out on a spiritual journey timeline. We repeated that same process to start creating an authentic personal testimony. The ladies considered significant life events to include on their spiritual journey timelines. Things to consider were: big decisions, major mistakes, celebrations, deaths of friends and family members, hurtful experiences, weddings, births of children, loss of jobs, divorces, accidents or tragedies, or other events that changed the course of their lives. These key events were plotted on their lifelines, which resulted in zig-zag patterns of “high” and “low” points.

They reflected on one or two key experiences that changed them and what they learned. Each guest then selected a Bible verse that related to one or two significant events. This prepared them to encourage someone experiencing a similar situation with a snapshot of their testimony. Several of the ladies were courageous and shared their testimonies. They also went a bit deeper with one or two events with what they learned and the Scripture that resonated with them.

Just 30 Seconds

The last segment of the workshop was to learn how to create a thirty second testimony. The ladies picked two words to describe their lives before they had a personal relationship with Jesus and two words to describe their lives after their spiritual transformation. An example of this mini testimony is: “There was a time in my life when I was depressed and alone. I learned more about Jesus and surrendered my life to Him. Now I am at peace and feel loved. Do you have a story like that?” We discussed how the thirty second testimony is a teaser to discover if someone is open to learn more. We played a quick game that enabled all of us to practice giving our thirty second testimony.

We took off our masks and were transparent and authentic as we shared all three types of our testimonies. We laughed, cried, and spoke truth and encouragement to each other. We are now prepared to explain the hope that we have as followers of Jesus.

(This piece was guest authored by Lynn Ondrovic, a High Impact volunteer at our Center for Women & Children. Special thanks to Liz Hlebasko, Cassie, and Sadie Ondrovic for assisting in the workshop.)