Meet Dwight. He can’t thank YOU enough!

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Meet Dwight. He can’t thank YOU enough!

Dwight felt loved as a little boy. “My parents did an amazing job raising me,” he says. “They divorced, but each parent did what they knew best.”

But when he reached high school, Dwight started getting bullied – and it dramatically changed him. “I’d do anything to fit in and feel wanted. I’d pick out people from a crowd and act like they did. I had no identity.”

As an adult, Dwight never healed from the unkindness he’d suffered from his peers and began numbing his feelings with drugs. It was the beginning of an eight-year struggle with addiction that nearly destroyed his relationship with his girlfriend and his children.

“I was the opposite of what my parents were,” he says. “I wasn’t even taking care of my kids. Finally, my kids told me if I didn’t get help, they were done with me.”

The day he walked into Wheeler Mission, everything changed for Dwight. 

“They accepted me with open arms,” he says, smiling. “Just seeing God work was amazing.”

“Wheeler Mission gives us grace and the truth about who we are, what we’ve done, and what God says.” 

Dwight entered Hebron, our recovery program for men, and he committed his life to the Lord.

“They told me the truth about myself and helped me discover why I was an addict,” he says. “They gave me time to focus on God and His Word, and retrain my thinking.”

Now, with a heart transformed by God’s love, Dwight has rebuilt relationships with his family. He’s looking forward to providing a safe, loving home for his children, just as his parents did for him.

He also has a new commitment to serve others. After graduation, Dwight entered Equip, our ministry training program, and he works with guests at our Bloomington Center for Men. “It’s a blessing to be a light for guys coming off the streets, and it’s teaching me to be a servant father to my children.”

You may never meet Dwight, but he’s eternally grateful to YOU for your support – today, his heart is filled with new hope for the future. “To help be a light to others is amazing. My identity is now in Christ.”