Social Enterprise Part 2 – Restored Creations

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Social Enterprise Part 2 – Restored Creations

In Part 2 of our blog series on Wheeler Mission’s social enterprises, we’ll discuss Restored Creations! To directly shop and support this enterprise, go here.

What is Restored Creations?

Restored Creations is the candle making social enterprise at our Center for Women & Children (CWC). Assisted by a staff team and High Impact volunteers, the candles and beautiful packaging are all handmade in-house by our women. The candles are a soy-blend and have no dyes or added colors, with all sale proceeds supporting the CWC. The process of making candles provides the women with a therapeutic outlet, while also empowering them to develop and practice transferable job skills. Each candle contains a personal, written testimony of restoration shared by a Restored Creations participant.

The Women of Restored Creations.

Participation in the enterprise is a component of our long-term programs, and it’s also a place where our Equip guests (program graduates who stay for additional ministry training) may serve. Our women have survived homelessness, addictions, and other hardships, and many come to the CWC having never before worked a legitimate job. But after Restored Creations, they develop job skills, confidence in their abilities, and a newfound sense of potential.

Participation in Restored Creations.

Before each work day, participants and staff open with a devotion focusing on a transferable job skill. There are discussions, skill-building exercises, and opportunities to help participants think critically and creatively and excel in a work environment. Time spent in the enterprise helps participants develop hard skills, like marketing, social media, report writing, inventory, customer service, etc. When women prepare to transition out of Restored Creations, our staff takes them through a formal exit process; they compose letters of resignation, identify new transferable skills to be added to their resumes, participate in exit interviews, etc. In turn, staff provides a written reference for them to take to a potential employer, highlighting abilities, job skills, and any achievements.

Not just dedicated to professional growth, Restored Creations also helps our participants uncover talents and develop confidence and self-worth. Working with their hands provides pride and empowerment, as they discover they are capable of doing and creating more than they realized!

The Impact of Restored Creations.

Restored Creations doesn’t just bless the women of the enterprise–its impact reaches far and wide! The candles are sold throughout 21 Indiana retailers and also in our online store. We’ve partnered with dozens of organizations, churches, and even a few celebrities. Countless customers share with us that they purchase our candles for family each Christmas. When a candle is opened, the testimony is read out loud and the family prays over the woman, her family, and her future. Our buyers mourn the things the women have experienced, but rejoice in the hope they have found through Jesus!

When customers visit our production area at the CWC, we see the impact firsthand. We’ve met little girls who return every month to say “hello,” smell our candles, and bring us money (sometimes just nickels) they’ve saved up for us. Some young girls come to participate in production days, comforting the ladies who are missing their own children. Adult visitors are changed and moved when they hear our women’s stories of hope and restoration.

Support the enterprise!

Will you support and champion Restored Creations? Here are a few ways:

  1. Shop our candles. Fill your home with scents like Pumpkin Pecan, Ocean Breeze, and Chocolate Orchid! There’s a scent for everyone.
  2. Gift our candles. They make wonderful gifts for showers, Mother’s Day, birthdays, etc. Your friends and family will treasure the candle and the testimony inside.
  3. Sell our candles! We’re looking for new vendors to join us as wholesale account holders. If you are business owner and want to support the enterprise, email us today!

Follow along with Restored Creations on Facebook! You’ll stay up to speed on the latest scents and deals on products, and read posts introducing you to the women behind the enterprise–forever restored creations!