Sky Outfitters: You buy one. They give one!

Sky Outfitters: You buy one. They give one!

Introducing Sky Outfitters!

Day after day, I meet men and women—business people, pastors, entrepreneurs, movers and shakers—all with visions and plans to help our neighbors in need. When they partner with Wheeler Mission, their influence, niches, expertise, and resources further our impact and fill holes we desperately need to be filled.

And one particular way our community sure steps up is by keeping our guests warm all winter long.

Today, I’m excited to introduce you to one such community partner, Sky Outfitters. And let me tell you, this business will empower you—the customer—to make a difference…and look and feel great while you do it!

The heart behind the business.

Sky Outfitters is a business that creates high quality socks, hats, and scarves. Their products are outstanding, but I love the heart behind their business even more. Operating on a buy one, give one model, Sky Outfitters helps meet critical needs at homeless shelters around the country by supplying high quality apparel for the guests.

And what’s more, the team at Sky Outfitters has chosen Wheeler Mission to be their nonprofit partner for the month of November! So that means every time YOU purchase a pair of socks, a beanie, or scarf…they’ll donate one right to Wheeler Mission!

On their website, Sky Outfitters founder—Keaton Hendricks—shares that “The inspiration behind Sky Outfitters began back in the fall of 2010. I was volunteering at a low barrier homeless shelter in Bloomington, Indiana when my eyes were opened to the extremely tough situation that a lot of my neighbors lived in. I found myself connecting to many of their stories and my heart began to break as I learned about the struggle, pain, and hopelessness that most of them face…Our vision has always been to provide a tangible way that everyone can make a positive impact in the life of a homeless man or woman through our buy-one-give-one model. Now that our product line has expanded beyond socks, we think this impact has the potential to be even greater. We believe that a gift as simple as a pair of socks, a hat, or a scarf, will continue to spark encouragement and hope into the lives of the homeless across the nation.”

Now THAT’S a business I can get behind!

You buy one. They give one!

Throughout November, Wheeler benefits from their buy one, give one program—the perfect time of year to purposefully shop! Sky Outfitters has a goal to supply us with 25,000 pairs of socks this month, and a total of 40,000 pairs over the next year! Want to help us make that happen? Here are some great reasons to shop this month:

  1. Running the Drumstick Dash? At our Expo (November 27), Athletic Annex will sell Sky Outfitters socks, which qualify for the buy one, donate one to Wheeler! Look for their product in the Athletic Annex booth space!
  2. Stock up socks, hats, and scarves for Christmas stocking stuffers!
  3. Birthday gifts!
  4. “Just because” gifts!
  5. Treat yourself—Sky Outfitters has great gear to keep your feet and head warm all winter long!


Thank you for supporting this wonderful business AND Wheeler Mission. Happy shopping!