School’s OUT! Summer in Revive: Kids

School’s OUT! Summer in Revive: Kids

Remember summer breaks from school?

Trips to the pool, summer camp in the woods, s’mores by the fire, biking the neighborhood…summer was the best!

Now, imagine summertime with none of that.

For the kiddos at our Center for Women & Children, summer poses its own set of challenges, disappointments, and limitations. There are no vacations, friends can’t spend the night, and moms don’t have discretionary finances for summer traditions—like popsicles, pool trips, zoo outings, etc.

While their moms work to stabilize, we do everything possible to keep our smallest guests active, energized, and full of fun!

A packed house.

With the bigger kids out of school and on site all day every day, our team goes above and beyond. Throughout the year, our kids’ programming is written for Pre-K and under. But come summer, we reorient and use curriculum that also accommodates the older kids (ages 12 and under) who are out of school.

We’ve hired two additional summer staff to help ensure our program is smooth and engaging—we even do our own version of summer day camp for all age groups! We fill the days with age-appropriate art, music, field trips, sensory activities, and Bible lessons.

The community steps in.

It really takes a village to best serve our children, so we regularly network with the community to share resources and options that best keep our young ones engaged, learning, and growing.

To help alleviate our higher in-house numbers, a handful of our kids are able to participate in the summer day camps hosted by outside agencies throughout the city. School on Wheels is a tremendous resource and does a fabulous workshop for lower income families. They share with our moms about community activities for families and kids, and connect the moms to summer resources and services available throughout the community.

What we’re up to!

We’ve broken each week up by themes and activities, complete with fun outings and some special speakers and visitors. We even involve the moms so they can experience these fun traditions and make memories alongside their children. Here are just a few things we have planned:

  • Creative Arts week, with a concluding art gallery and performance
  • Circus Camp, ending with an on-site carnival
  • Sports Camp, with our very own Olympic games and field trip to watch the Indians play baseball
  • Trips to the pool and splash pads
  • Ice cream social
  • Library, park, and zoo outings

…And more!

Want to help? It’s easy!

It may surprise you to learn that we need more support during the warm, summer months. Volunteerism and donations typically drop this time of year, so we are grateful for any support you can provide!

To help this summer be fun and smooth, we are in need of several items, which you can purchase on our Amazon Wish List!

  • Water bottles
  • Sunscreen
  • On-the-go snacks

Thank you for your care and friendship! Together, we’ll make summer memorable, productive, and FUN for our kids.