“Rick, can’t your guests just get a job?” (Part 2)

“Rick, can’t your guests just get a job?” (Part 2)

“Rick, can’t your guests just get a job?

In my blog two weeks ago, I addressed a common question I get about Wheeler Mission’s guests: “Rick, can’t your guests just get a job?”

While it may seem a simple and obvious solution, many of our men and women face significant barriers to reaching stability. For instance, we see trends in:
• Rising rates of homelessness among the elderly
• Lack of education
• Trauma
• Rising costs of childcare
• Lack of transportation
• No prior work experience
• Continued substance abuse
• Mental health concerns
• Criminal records
• Rising costs of living

…and even more.

When one (or more) of these factors is at play, our guests require help and resources before returning to work and/or independent living.

So here’s how we get them there.

A Holistic Approach.

Wheeler Mission’s long-term programs are structured to address a person’s physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs. Because each circumstance is unique, we proudly offer a grace-filled, best practices approach. Our programs address specific issues that contribute to life instability and homelessness.

For each long-term guest, we assign a program track, evaluate their progress step-by-step, and incorporate life skills classes, adult education, counseling, and Bible study to address each unique set of needs. Depending on their situation, participants focus on:
• Addiction recovery
• Life and job skills training
• Mental health
• Financial wellness
• Workplace readiness
• Healthy relationships
• Strengthening the family unit
• High-quality childcare
• Adult education (computer literacy, high school equivalency exams, and post-secondary degrees/certifications)
• Housing and/or employment procurement
• Ministry training/internships

Our dynamic programs thoroughly prepare residents to transition back into society with a solid groundwork for successful, independent living. But we can’t do it alone!

Community Collaboration.

Our staff maintains vibrant connections with volunteers, churches, and agencies that help our guests achieve lasting stability and success.

For example:
• Medical professionals utilize and maintain our onsite clinics to help address health issues.
• Case managers offer referrals to procure IDs, social security cards, vouchers, benefits, and admittance to outside programs.
• Partner employers understand our guests’ needs and provide them with appropriate job opportunities.
• Lawyers volunteer to meet with guests on an individual basis, providing help and guidance to overcome legal barriers.
• Financial advisor volunteers teach classes on money management.
• Churches provide our guests with friendship, mentoring, and support that last beyond their time at Wheeler.

Will you join us?

As you can see, change and stability is possible for each person we serve—and it doesn’t always start with a job. Success looks different from person to person, and it takes time, commitment, and whole lot of support.

Can YOU help provide that support? We’d love to serve with you. Go here to get started volunteering today.