Revive: Kids

Revive: Kids

Dear Friends,

I want to introduce you to a very special program called Revive: Kids, our ministry for children at our Center for Women & Children (CWC) in Indianapolis.

The Setting

While moms are engaged in their own programming, their children are well cared for by our team of staff and volunteers. With their kids in our bright and cheerful childcare space, moms can fully participate in programming, taking advantage of every opportunity we offer. It’s very common that our littlest guests have never before been in a childcare setting, or even separated from their moms. So we go above and beyond to earn the trust of our guests and help them understand that we’re a safe place.

Something special and unique about Revive: Kids is that it’s composed of our child guests, children of staff, and foster children of staff. We don’t distinguish between the 3 groups, but rather meet each little child where they are so they can grow and thrive. In Revive: Kids, we do an assessment to learn more about our children, gauge their particular needs, and serve them best.

The Needs

Almost every mom we serve has been a victim of abuse and neglect. They may have had an abusive spouse or partner, served time in prison, or suffered due to substance abuse. While they may be tired and scared, they’re strong. And so are their children. A lot of our moms had babies very early in life, often when they were just children themselves. They’re trying to navigate the storms of early adulthood while simultaneously learning to parent.

Regularly, children come to Wheeler with legitimate anxiety and fear issues. For the children that have been homeless, they’ve likely experienced significant trauma and displacement. They need stability and safety.


So we offer that … and a whole lot more!

What We Provide

Our team of caregivers focuses on education – even at birth. Everyday, we prepare our little friends for success in life and school. We help them become the best little versions of themselves that they can be. 

For each child, we work on things like emotional regulation and balance, helping these small people handle their big feelings. Since many of our children have anxiety and special needs, we emphasize sensory integration and even have a special room dedicated to de-escalation, stimulating their senses, using their muscles, and relieving their stress and anxiety. We design activities to help each little friend reach their typical developmental milestones — like crawling, speaking, grabbing objects, identifying colors, etc. Most importantly, we teach our children all about God’s Word and who He is. It’s our prayer that every little child learns how deeply loved they are by God.

The Very Best for our Smallest Friends

Our team at the CWC has gone above and beyond to have Revive: Kids meet high standards based on best practice models from around the country. We’re not just babysitting…as a state registered childcare ministry, we are working hard to see these children flourish. We delight in being part of their lives and treasure the time these kiddos are entrusted to us!

For the moms who’ve finished our program, found employment, and moved on to their own housing, they are able to keep their children in Revive: Kids for a nominal fee. We can work with our families even longer, keep our children where they’re thriving and safe, and provide lasting, affordable childcare for families working so hard for a better future.

Thank you for your role in changing the trajectory for families who face homelessness. Because of you, our smallest guests — and their amazing moms — have so much hope.

With gratitude,

Rick Alvis

P.S. Want to hear more about how Wheeler Mission revives the family unit? Hear from Rick and Bethany in this short video!


At Wheeler Mission, we're committed to reviving and restoring families. That's why we created the Revive program for moms and the Revive:Kids program for their children! In this short video, hear from Rick and Bethany as they share how we work closely with moms and their children at our Center for Women & Children.Have a question they didn't cover in the video? Ask away in the comments!

Posted by Wheeler Mission on Tuesday, April 24, 2018