Restored by Hope

Restored by Hope

Jason was born into a happy home, but he wasn’t happy. “I never wanted for anything, but that didn’t stop me from causing havoc. I was always drinking, in trouble with the law, and dropped out of school at 16.”

As an adult, he married and had children… then began using serious drugs, like meth. As his addiction grew, the trouble in his life grew too.

“Drugs really took over… and my life went downhill. I started breaking into homes and stealing, and I went to prison. It led to broken relationships with my family.”

Jason’s drug use also made keeping a steady job impossible. “I always lost jobs because I’d just stop showing up.”

With no income, Jason ended up living in a house with other meth users. Someone was murdered behind the house… then his roommates were caught with two pounds of meth during a police raid. That’s when Jason knew it was time to leave.

“I had nowhere left to go,” he says. “I was broken. I needed a change. So that night, I went to Wheeler Mission’s Shelter for Men.”

Jason stepped into the Mission – and found the friend he needed.

After encountering Jesus at Wheeler Mission and accepting Him as his Savior, Jason decided to join our Addiction Recovery Program. Through classes and counseling, he finally learned how to lean on God, not just himself.

“I’ve been to about every program, battling for a long time, but never knew what it would take to change. When I met Jesus, I knew I was on the way to something better.”

Jason graduated from our Addiction Recovery Program and is now in our Servant Leadership Training. He plans to pursue a career in ministry to serve others and share his story of hope with them.

“I’m grateful that Wheeler brought me back to life and gave me a chance for restoration,” he says. “The people here didn’t know me, but they loved me when I needed it most.”

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