Planned Giving Information Request

  • If you would like to actually speak to someone about your benefits from creating a Charitable Gift Annuity, please call us at 317-635-3575. Or you may call Jim Gillespie directly at 317-445-8870. If you prefer online communication, you may complete the following information and submit it to us.

  • Our calculation will make assumptions as to the payout rate and the actual date of the gift. These assumptions are simply to give you a general idea of the income and tax benefits such a gift will provide you. There are other variables that may affect the actual benefits. This calculation is just a general idea of the benefits based on the current information and market conditions available at this time. If you wish, you may set up the annuity now but defer the income to a future date. If so, please indicate the age (both ages if for two persons) at which you would like to start receiving annuity payments.

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.