My Experience at Wheeler Mission

My Experience at Wheeler Mission

This piece is guest authored by Mary Muncy, a summer development intern at Wheeler Mission.

I gained so much more…

My name is Mary Muncy, and I interned with Wheeler Mission in the Development department this past summer. I’m currently going into my sophomore year at Patrick Henry College, majoring in Government in the International Politics and Policy track with a focus in Journalism.

When I first decided to apply for an internship, I was thinking about how great an opportunity it would be to work closely with experienced writers and social media influencers doing work that I have an itch to do (plus…it’d look GREAT on a resume). But I gained much more than a few sentences on a paper. As an intern, I got to witness the inner-workings of Wheeler in a unique way that I’d like to share with you!

Prayers and support.

The first thing that I got to do as an intern was sit in on the Monday morning meetings. This is a time when many staff members in the administration building come together to share prayer requests, life moments, and work updates. They talk about their lives and Wheeler Mission, and pray over various Wheeler needs and events. You should know that every time Wheeler engages in a notable activity (that you might be contributing to in some way), there are MANY prayers backing you! Even though this seems simple, it showed me how a workplace can function under God. These people are supporting and loving each other as a family!

They don’t have to do it on their own.

One of my favorite things that I got to do at Wheeler was interview various staff members at the Center for Women & Children. Throughout each interview, there was a common theme of hope. I learned more about what people might be feeling as they walk through homelessness, and it made me realize how important Wheeler’s focus on hope in Christ can be. With Wheeler, people are told that they don’t have to do it on their own, because Christ – and Wheeler – will walk alongside them.

I came in hoping to gain some writing experience, and I’m leaving with a renewed hope for the people in Indy and a greater understanding of where I’m going.

From us at Wheeler:

It was our joy and pleasure to serve with Mary this summer! We love involving college students with Wheeler Mission, and work to craft rewarding internship experiences for each individual. Interested in serving with us as an intern, or know someone who may be? Go here for more info!