You changed Lyndon’s life!

You changed Lyndon’s life!

Lyndon sat in the motorhome in the darkness, cold and lonely, thinking about the choices he’d made so many years ago that had brought him to this place.

“I’d just gotten married and my wife and I started experimenting with drugs. She stopped using, but I kept on,” he says. “I’d seen what drugs did to other people and said, ‘They won’t do that to me.’ But they did. They grabbed hold of me. I never knew I could get caught up like that.”

For 20 years, Lyndon struggled with addiction, destroying his marriage and costing him jobs. Eventually, he found himself facing homelessness, staying in a motorhome with no electricity or running water. “I was panhandling every day to pay for my addiction,” he says. “I was just living day to day.”

Finally, he hit rock bottom and decided he wanted to change his life. “Times had gotten so bad. I was looking for a way out, but I couldn’t find one.”

Then a friend told him about our Foundations program, and he knew it was the answer he’d been seeking. Through Bible studies, chapel services, life skills classes, and Christian counseling, Lyndon has grown strong in his faith and addressed the root causes of his addiction. “I’ve healed a great deal,” he says. “I’ve been clean for over a year now.”

Lyndon completed Foundations and went on to our Equip ministry training program, spending his days caring for the men in our programs and honing his gifts and skills for a career in ministry. “I love to serve,” he says. “I always want to be helping somebody else.”

This year, Lyndon will be celebrating Christmas as a new creation, filled with the great joy of God’s love. “I thank God for Wheeler Mission. They gave me a new outlook on life, and I’m not looking back.”

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