Julie is grateful & blessed this Thanksgiving because of your support!

Julie is grateful & blessed this Thanksgiving because of your support!

Julie is grateful & blessed this Thanksgiving
because of your support
You’ve given her hope and new life this holiday!


I was angry at everybody, including God…

When Julie was in junior high school, she used to clean up after her parents’ parties. That’s when she first tasted alcohol. “I was so shy, and I found out it made me a lot more sociable.”

By the time she was in high school, Julie was drinking every day, and in the years to come, her addiction destroyed her marriages, alienated her daughter, and left her with nothing. Then she found sobriety and a relationship with Christ here at Wheeler Mission.

She was doing well for years, working hard at her job and taking care of her ailing mother, physically and financially. But when her mother died, Julie’s grief brought her world crashing down around her. “I was angry at everybody, including God. I’d been sober for 12 years, but I relapsed and ended up homeless, scared, lonely, and hopeless.”

Thankfully, she knew she could find help and hope at Wheeler Mission, so she entered our Higher Ground addiction recovery program for women. Since then, Julie’s faith has grown stronger through Bible studies and fellowship, and she’s processed her pain through Christ-centered counseling and life skills classes. “I looked inside and identified the feelings that were making me angry,” she says.

“I’m hopeful, happy, and confident.”

Her daughter is overjoyed at her transformation, and Julie is working to restore her other family relationships as well. “I’ve learned that God forgives me and accepts me no matter what, and now I’m seeking others’ forgiveness and learning to forgive myself.”

Julie graduated from Higher Ground and became a ministry intern in our Servant Leader Training program. She plans to join our staff one day, helping other women find the new life in Christ she found here at Wheeler Mission. “I have a future,” she says, joyfully.

Julie’s heart is overflowing with gratitude this Thanksgiving because YOUR loving support gave her the confidence and support to rebuild her life. “Now I know that I’m special because God created me. I’m somebody.”


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