Meet JOHN!

Meet JOHN!

The ministry at Wheeler Mission wouldn’t be possible without its dedicated volunteers. Volunteers get front row seats to the joy, pain, milestones, setbacks, and miracles that happen every day inside our facilities. Our volunteers are valued partners, friends, and allies—and it is our joy to share some of their stories! This piece features John Blatzheim, one of our High Impact volunteers.

Wheeler: What do you do for a living?
John: I’m an inner city missionary working for Reliant Missions. I’m assigned to Shepherd Community Center where I oversee Shepherd Celebration Ministries.

W: What do you do at Wheeler?
J: I have a Bible study every other Thursday night at the Center for Women & Children. I pick up residents for a meal and Bible study that I hold at Shepherd on Wednesday nights. We even pick up residents from all three Wheeler Indianapolis locations for church on Sunday where we start with a meal and social hour, followed by a service. Lastly, I lead a Bible study at Wheeler’s Men’s Residential Center on Delaware St the second Monday and the second Tuesday of every month.

W: Why did you start volunteering with Wheeler?
J: Because Wheeler understands that it isn’t about meeting physical needs; it’s about using the opportunity to meet physical needs in order to meet spiritual needs. Wheeler Mission knows that the answer to every question, problem, and situation is to bring in Jesus. When these wonderful people find out that Jesus loves them unconditionally and will be with them through every step if they will let Him in, lives begin to be supernaturally transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit. Wheeler allows itself to be an instrument through which God can love others. Wheeler rocks.

W: What’s your favorite Wheeler memory?
J: Too many to count. My overall favorite experience is seeing guests come from Wheeler and join the Body of Christ and serve. My drummer, singers, nursery help, bus drivers, prayer team members, outreach team members, breakfast crew, etc. are staffed with former and current Wheeler residents. Nothing is cooler than seeing those who came to be served serve…

Inspired by John’s words and ready to jump in and serve too? Go here to start volunteering today!