Kyla Wants to Thank You

Kyla Wants to Thank You

“God’s love was just overflowing.”

Kyla’s parents both battled addiction, so she grew up surrounded by drama and disgrace. Then one day, she witnessed a heartbreaking scene that left her devastated.

“My school was on the same street as my house. I looked out the window and saw squad cars lined up outside my house as my parents got arrested.”

Kyla’s father went to jail, and Kyla started smoking marijuana to cope. She quit when she gave birth to her son at age 16, but was using again when she became pregnant five years later. Her children were taken from her custody because of her dangerous and destructive lifestyle. Kyla went into a downward spiral for years until her boyfriend’s drug-related death convinced her to get help.

Kyla came to Wheeler Mission and found God’s grace.

“It meant so much to have a place to lay my head and feel peace. God was showing me His love through people that cared about me, and I hadn’t been loved like that in a long time.”

“The Mission helped me see that my biggest enemy and problem was myself.”

Kyla entered our Higher Ground long-term program that helped her overcome addiction by focusing on total life change. Through classes, counseling, and Bible study, Kyla grew closer in her walk with the Lord.

“I started the process of surrendering daily. These ladies at the Mission changed my life. The love of Jesus, speaking through them, changed me.”

Kyla graduated from our Higher Ground Addiction Recovery Program and is very thankful for all she learned in the program.

“God is so faithful! He’s using me to drive for this ministry and I couldn’t be happier. I want to continue to work with homeless women and children.”

Because of your generosity, Kyla’s heart has been filled with thanksgiving and God’s love! “This place is amazing. It meets the community’s needs, and I just want to be part of its growth and continue to give back.”