God saved my life through Wheeler.


God saved my life through Wheeler.

John’s pain seemed like it would never end.

Early on, John knew he wanted to become an RN – he worked hard to get into nursing school and began a career focused on others.

Then, he lost everything.

He was caught taking opiates. His nursing license was revoked. The step ­son that he cared for was sent away. His marriage began to fall apart. “I didn’t only lose her, but most of my savings too.”

With each loss, John’s pain built until it was all he felt, all the time.

That’s when John slipped into a serious depression – and came up with a plan for taking his own life.

“I was serious about that plan,” he says sadly. “I wanted to die. I just wanted my pain to end.”

He tried – and by God’s grace, failed. Recovering, shaky and alone, he reached out to Social Services. And they gave him a recommendation that would change his life.

“The moment I walked into Wheeler, I felt relieved.”

In our Addiction Recovery Program, men like John are not only cared for physically with hot meals and safe shelter…but also spiritually, through classes, counseling and studying God’s Word.

Studying the Word was the healing that John needed. And as he reconnected with his faith that he’d lost years before, the frayed ends of his heart began to mend.

“Since I’ve been in the program, I’ve had no depression. God really changed my life.”

In the past, John suffered from anxiety. Today, with God on his side, he feels peace for the first time – and joy about what the Lord has in store for his life.

“I’ve had beautiful homes, beautiful cars…now, I don’t, but I’m happier than I’ve ever been,” John says, smiling.

“There’s always hope. I’m not alone…God saved my life through Wheeler Mission.”

Today, John is a graduate of not only our addiction recovery program but our work program, STEPS, where he received short ­term housing while overcoming barriers to his employment.

“You only get so many chances in life,” he says. “I’m glad I took one on Wheeler!”