Fun in Revive: Kids!

Fun in Revive: Kids!

ABCs, 123s…

…sitting on our pockets, obeying with a happy heart, sharing. The list can go on and on.

Each day in Revive: Kids, our goal is to keep the children safe and loved. This happens while we work through developmental milestones specific to each child and teach them about Jesus. In the preschool classroom, we enjoy learning a letter each week. Over the last two weeks, we have been blessed with visits from local EMTs and firefighters (for letters E and F)!

So many smiles!

The EMTs came into our classroom and helped us explore the gear they brought. We were in for an extra treat when we saw the ambulance and the patient inside. The children enjoyed being the EMTs with their own stethoscopes and gloves! At the end of our visit, the EMTs gave us lots of candy AND our very own EMT kit for dramatic play inside the classroom!


More adventures!

The following week, we had another surprise visit from some Indianapolis Fire Department firefighters. We learned about their gear, and Ms. Julia even tried on the oxygen tank. This was a great opportunity to see what a firefighter might look like if they responded to an emergency in our homes. Firefighter John was the same guy with and without his gear!


Following the classroom experiences, we headed outside to see the bright red fire engine. The preschoolers enjoyed the many different compartments and tools that are stored on the truck! We even practiced (with lots of help) holding an axe.

I am so grateful for the men and women at Seals Ambulance and IFD for the time they took out of their day to pour into our children. We look forward to these experiences because it goes above and beyond something we could learn from a book or video. This is the real deal! And next week, we are looking forward to a guitar player visiting the preschool room for letter G.

This piece was authored by Hannah Banks, a Revive: Kids worker at our Center for Women & Children in Indianapolis.