Every donation matters!

Every donation matters!

Dear Wheeler Mission,

In this envelope there is $100. I earned this by baby sitting my 6-year-old neighbor before school every morning. I want to give you this so you can help more people in need. 



An honor to steward.

Isn’t this heartwarming? I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Katie, and it’s such a joy to know someone so young who already acts so selflessly.

Katie’s kind note and gift reminds me what an honor it is to steward such generosity. Wheeler Mission is unique in that we receive no government money. Practically speaking, that means we rely on giving from individuals–just like Katie–so that we can serve our neighbors in need.

How remarkable that Wheeler Mission is sustained entirely by people choosing to be generous! People, some of whom are children, see their neighbors in pain and trust Wheeler Mission to use their talent and treasure to make a difference. What an honor, indeed.

Consider these things.

When you think about giving to Wheeler Mission, please realize the impact a single gift can make. Perhaps you’ve thought, “I can’t give much. My $10 is just a drop in the bucket!” I hope you’ll be encouraged when you consider these things:

  • Big or small, your donation changes lives. At Wheeler Mission, a warm, nutritious meal costs just $2.25. So when you second guess if your $5 makes a difference, think of the two people you’ve just fed!
  • You keep us going. Wheeler Mission is unique, in that we receive no government funds. Practically speaking, that means we rely on the generosity of individuals–people, like you, who’ve linked arms with Wheeler. Your grassroots efforts of volunteerism, raising awareness, and giving financially add up and snowball into something remarkable.
  • When you give, you’ll be changed. Something incredible happens when people volunteer and/or give to Wheeler Mission. And I see it all the time. Men and women serve in order to be a blessing, but they walk away transformed themselves. As a friend and supporter, we’ll make sure you hear testimonies from our guests who’ve found help, hope, and healing…all because YOU gave.
  • Your gifts stretch a long way. I’m truly proud to say that Wheeler Mission stewards each and every donation, ensuring your gifts go directly to your neighbors in need. 73% of our budget is funneled right into programs, so you can rest assured that your dollars directly impact our guests.

I hope you’re encouraged and inspired by the impact of a single gift.

Grateful for you,

Rick Alvis