From Doubt and Despair to the Power of God’s Love

do they have homeless shelters for women

From Doubt and Despair to the Power of God’s Love

“My heart used to ache every day, but now I feel like I can handle things.”

Adrienne was living with her mother and some other family members. She was shocked and devastated to learn they were behind on bills and lost their home.

When her mother left town to start over in another city, Adrienne and her three daughters – ages four, three, and two – didn’t know where to go. “I used my last paycheck to rent a hotel room for a few days. I just prayed and prayed.”

She was down to her last few dollars when God answered her prayers in an unexpected way. “I wound up calling the wrong number, told her my story, and she called a shelter to help me and my girls.”

That phone call led Adrienne and her daughters to Wheeler Mission, and everything changed.

“I was just hoping to find a roof over my kids’ heads and some kind of childcare so I could go back to work. I was pretty much open to anything. When I learned the program is faith-based, it seemed perfect.”

Adrienne has learned a lot through our Revive program – whether it’s finances, anger management, parenting, or Bible study.

“Those classes basically helped me look at my life from a different perspective. I know I’ve changed, but God still has work to do with me.”

She got a job as a cashier at a local restaurant and is saving money so she can find a home for her family.

“Now I pray and thank God every day. I have definitely grown in faith, and my kids have too.”

Adrienne credits her transformation to the peace she has found at Wheeler’s Center for Women & Children.

“Once I started getting closer to God and made really good friends with other moms, it made me happier within myself and with my kids.”

And she’s thankful for caring friends like you who continue to support the Mission: “I was lost and didn’t know where to go. Wheeler Mission came to me in my time of need and provided more than I ever thought they would.”

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