But where’s the bathroom?!

But where’s the bathroom?!

A problematic floorpan.

Okay, friends. Allow me to open with a scenario: (Men, if you are reading, maybe this is a good time to go walk the dog or do the dishes…)

So… you know when you wake up in the middle of the night and need to run to the bathroom? Imagine being 65, homeless, afraid, and in strange surroundings with people you’ve never met. There are no bathrooms on your floor, and you can’t remember where the woman who brought you in said they were located. Or (and the men can come back now), imagine being that same woman and sleeping on a bottom bunk, in a dorm, and with 18-24 year-old women (or visa versa, for that matter).

Our new building addresses these concerns!

A rendering of our soon-to-be expanded Center for Women & Children in Indianapolis. 

The layout we need!

Instead of one large dorm that sleeps 22 women with no bathrooms on the floor, our new building will have several smaller dorms, separated by jack-n-jill bathrooms. The smaller dorms allow us to separate our guests by age group or need, creating a less stressful and more trauma-sensitive environment. There’s also a lounge area and space for case managers. All of this, and it triples our capacity – allowing us to say “YES” much more often!

Thank you for joining us in Building for Change! Together, let’s change the story for so many women and children in need.

In Him,

Colleen Gore
Director of Women’s Services, Wheeler Mission