Bringing our Center for Women & Children to YOU!

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Bringing our Center for Women & Children to YOU!

A virtual tour for our Center for Women & Children!

Nothing beats visiting in person, but we’re offering you the next best thing…a VIRTUAL tour of our Center for Women & Children (CWC) that you can watch anytime, anywhere. Our team made a series of videos to share some of our busiest–and favorite–spots in the Center. Watching these clips will give you an inside scoop to learn how lives are changed every day. It’s ALMOST like visiting in person! So brew some tea, get comfy, and take a peak into our world. We can’t wait to show you around!


Welcome to the Center for Women & Children!

In this video, Francine, a Guest Services Coordinator (GSC), shows you around our lobby–the very first stop for brand new guests. It’s here in our lobby that we welcome women and children, conduct the intake process, and help acclimate them to the CWC. Take a look!

Head on up to ESS, and see how we help women meet their basic needs!

Lisa takes you up to the second floor to give you a peek inside our Emergency Shelter Services (ESS) area, where we assist single women in meeting their basic and temporal needs. ESS guests can stay here for up to 45 days (before choosing to enter a long-term program), and have access to case management and other resources.

Physical, spiritual, financial wellness…we look at it all!

Amanda, Case Manager for our Foundations wellness program, shares a bit about preparing women for stable, independent living. The road to stability looks different for each of our guests, so Amanda breaks down how we address various circumstances.

Take a look inside our Restored Creations showroom!

How does candle making play a role in stability and recovery? Breana, our Restored Creations Team Lead, is ready to share all about our social enterprise at the Center for Women & Children! P.S. Our candles make great gifts! Be sure to shop here.

Step on into Revive: Kids!

This portion of the tour is sure to make you smile! Hear from Hannah how we love and serve our littlest guests!

Reviving the family unit…hear how we serve and work with moms and their children!

Homelessness can be especially devastating for families, but our Revive family program provides stabilization for each mom and child. Hear from Bethany how we provide critical care and services for our families, setting them up for lasting success!

So, what comes after graduation?

We hope you brought your walkin’ shoes (just kidding…we’ll take the elevator!), because we’re heading up to the 10th floor apartment! Lisa is waiting for you to share a bit about our Aftercare program, and what’s available to guests who’ve completed one of our long-term programs.

And that’s a wrap! But before you go, here’s a look to our future!

Thanks so much for visiting! Colleen Gore, Executive VP of Women’s Programming, has a quick farewell message on your way out…and a sneak peek of our Center’s expansion progress. We can’t wait to show you in person!