Because of you…we’re helping homeless children.

Because of you…we’re helping homeless children.

A note from Allison Melangton.

Dear friend,

Wow, this winter sure has been one for the books!

Can you remember back a few months ago, to those awful January days where wind chill plunged us into frigid, sub-zero temperatures? As I sat bundled inside, the bitter wind outside my window was a sharp reminder that so many people in Indianapolis—our neighbors—don’t have warm places to ride out the cold.

Comfortable and safe inside my own home, my heart broke.

As you know, Wheeler’s Center for Women & Children is filled beyond capacity. In January, we sheltered 230 different moms and kids in emergency overflow, and 223 in February. Thankfully, at the end of January, Cornerstone Lutheran Church opened their doors as an additional overflow site for Wheeler’s women and children. Because of Cornerstone’s facility as a second site, we’ve had space to temporarily shelter an additional 150 women and children every night this winter. A blessing, indeed, but not a long-term solution.

I love the picture above of a sweet mother who reads to her babies every night on Cornerstone’s gym floor. Often, other kids come over to listen, too. One evening, they read four books together, sitting still for almost an hour in the midst of chaos as dozens of other kids played around them. Together, they found adventure and wonder in these precious moments of peace.

But the fact remains. We NEED to expand.

I’m excited to share with you about the support Wheeler Mission will receive from Jane Seymour’s Open Hearts Foundation, which will aid our campaign to expand our Center for Women & Children.

I also want to share some great stories that have been making the rounds in our community.

Thank you to WISH-TV for taking the time to learn and share about homelessness among children, and how Wheeler helps. We’re so proud of our guests and their brave journey toward stability. Watch this piece, and be encouraged by Chelsea and her young daughter, Nevaeh. They found help, hope, and healing at our Center for Women & Children.

Again, we are SO thankful to Cornerstone Lutheran Church Indianapolis for opening their doors as an overflow site. Here’s recent news coverage, giving you a look inside Cornerstone’s overflow space.

I’m so proud of Cornerstone, for seeing the need and stepping in to serve our neighbors in deep crisis. Together, let’s follow their example, roll up our sleeves, and expand Wheeler’s Center for Women & Children.


Allison Melangton
Building for Change
Campaign Chair