From Addiction to Recovery – Part 1

From Addiction to Recovery – Part 1

Dear Friends,

You may have seen recent media coverage about an incident detailing numerous synthetic drug overdoses at Wheeler Mission. We’ve never experienced anything like that. While alarming, it made me so grateful Wheeler exists to meet even the most distressing needs.

People frequently ask how we help individuals fighting addiction, so I’m going to take the opportunity to introduce you to Hebron – our addiction recovery program for men.

Orientation Phase

We see men of all ages, education levels and backgrounds enter orientation. Typically, they’ve cycled through numerous addiction programs but have been unsuccessful in achieving sobriety. Orientation (available in Indianapolis and Bloomington) lasts 4-6 weeks and men are plugged into Bible-based recovery classes and service roles.

Hunt Training Center Phase

After orientation, men are relocated to our Hunt Training Center in Bloomington. For the next 6 months, we utilize the Self Confrontation manual, teaching men how to be transformed by the renewing of their minds in all circumstances. This renewal brings them to sobriety and keeps them from relapse. We cover topics like anger, change, worry, biblical communication and relationships. Addiction wreaks havoc on both the users and those they care about, so we invite families for visits; they work together with our family counselor towards restoration and healing.

The addiction battle is treacherous, but the journey is not void of hope. I’m so thankful we have the space and resources to do the hard work that brings men to lasting recovery and success in Christ.

With this cold weather, we expect a steady influx of people coming for emergency help. Will you pray our guests come to see their need for something more than just a meal and warmth? Pray their hearts would be open to long-term recovery. In another post, I’ll share how we equally change the trajectory for women through our Higher Ground addiction recovery program.

God bless you for caring,

Rick Alvis

P.S. Could you, or someone you know, benefit from addiction recovery at Wheeler Mission? Go here to get started now.