Adam has found restoration

Adam has found restoration

Adam knew it was life or death…

His substance abuse stretched from his teens to his thirties, and what began as a social behavior escalated into a serious problem.

Adam’s mom passed away when he was just 21. To cope with her untimely death, he turned to substances. His younger brother knew someone who had been helped through Wheeler Mission, and he encouraged Adam to reach out. So two years ago, Adam called the Mission, came to Indianapolis, and joined Hebron – our addiction recovery program for men.

A time for recovery

Adam’s time in Hebron brought about real change, especially since he was given a foundation for his relationship with God. Through Hebron’s unique camp setting at our Hunt Training Center, participants like Adam are given time and space to focus, address their addictions, and heal without distractions. While his journey hasn’t been easy, Adam is so thankful for where it’s taken him: “I’m still healing emotionally. But I have found a brotherhood here, friendships that have gone way beyond anything in the past.”

Equipped to lead

After Hebron, Adam joined Equip, our program for Hebron graduates to receive ministry training through service and advanced Bible courses at Wheeler. For Adam, Equip was “a time of giving back, a time to really understand and apply what being a servant is, as well as being a leader.”

Adam and his family at his graduation from the Equip program; August 2018.

Adam graduated from both our Hebron and Equip programs. And today, he’s part of the Wheeler team, having been recently hired as a data entry specialist. Adam’s example and testimony inspire new guests at Wheeler Mission. And now, Adam has the privilege to watch them reclaim their lives – just as he was able to do. “I see health restored, and I see families and relationships restored. And you see God at work every day and that strengthens all of this.”

Pictured below: Adam and fellow graduates at Wheeler Mission’s graduation ceremony; August 2018.