A Wonderful Privilege

A Wonderful Privilege

This piece was authored by Amanda Craig, Case Manager at our Center for Women & Children in Indianapolis. 

A Wonderful Privilege.

Working with long-term program guests is a wonderful privilege. I get to see God transform lives with His never-ending love and grace. One transformation in particular, I’ll never forget. *Sandy is a woman in her fifties. She came to Wheeler after a mental health episode left her homeless. In her past, she’d experienced significant trauma and abuse. When Sandy arrived at Wheeler, she could barely speak due to the trauma she’d experienced. She was afraid to get mental health care, afraid to get physical health care, and afraid to leave the building each day. After all she’d been through, just making it through the day became a struggle.

Sandy had a strong faith in God. With time, love, and patience, Sandy was able to overcome her fear of getting mental health care. She began services with an agency Wheeler partners with and began to improve each day. She also sought medical care. Now Sandy is able to leave the building when she’s with other people. She goes to the library each week. She continues in her mental health care, and she is moving up the waiting list for her future housing. Sandy’s transformation has been beautiful to watch. Her courage is inspiring, and I’m thankful God allowed me the privilege of working with her.

*Name has been changed to protect anonymity.