A Virtual Wheeler Tour – Part 1 (Men’s Residential Center)

A Virtual Wheeler Tour – Part 1 (Men’s Residential Center)

This piece is guest authored by Mary Muncy, a summer development intern at Wheeler Mission.

A note from Perry.

One the best parts of my job is taking a faithful Wheeler supporter on a tour and hearing him or her say, “Wow! I had no idea Wheeler did ALL this!” But since not everyone has a chance to visit us in person, we’ll bring the tour right to your computer or mobile device! In this short three-part series, follow along with Mary—our summer development intern—as she tours our Indianapolis program locations and learns for herself!

Wheeler’s Men’s Residential Center.

Let’s take a walk through the Men’s Residential Center (MRC). This building is where men in our long-term Foundations, Employed, Equip, Hebron, or Connect programs are housed. While men are engaged in programming, the supportive environment of the MRC gives them safety and space from the negative influences of their past. The first thing a guest does once they arrive is to meet one-on-one with a program director to determine which long-term program best fits the man’s needs and situation. To learn about the programs at the MRC, go here.

The MRC also serves as a drop-off site for material donations. Friends in the community can bring necessities like clothing, bottled water, nonperishable food items, etc. Gift are sorted and processed then distributed as needed throughout Wheeler Mission.


(Left is Colin, Program Director for men’s Connect Program, in his office in the MRC, right is the donation drop-off area.)

Then it’s time to move in! The MRC is equipped with several dormitory-like spaces that the men use while they’re in programming. Each program has its own dorm area, so there’s a comradery and family atmosphere about the space.

(One of the MRC’s dormitories.)

A typical day starts in the dormitory and then—because all guests in long-term programming either have a job outside of Wheeler or an onsite work assignment—they head to work! Upon their return or completion of their work assignment, the men attend regular Bible studies and skills classes in the chapel and classrooms.


(Left is the chapel, right is a classroom.)

Throughout the day, the men are provided with delicious meals served by gracious volunteers! At each meal, there’s a prayer and Scripture reading, providing a time of refocus and fellowship to help them through the day.

(The MRC’s cafeteria.)

Everyone needs a time for rest and relaxation, and the MRC’s recreation and weight rooms are the perfect places to do this! The rec room is equipped with a ping-pong table, a TV, and space to play cards and other games. The weight room gives the MRC the ability to take a holistic approach to health, offering a means for both physical fitness and productive stress relief.


(Left is the recreation room, right is the weight room.)

If there is a medical need, Wheeler also offers various medical services in the onsite clinic. The clinic is staffed one night a week by volunteer medical professionals, and a dentist graciously volunteers his time every Tuesday!

(Fully functioning dental office in the MRC.)

The MRC staff serve every part of the men—soul, mind, and body. God is working here, and the men are proof of it.