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Shelter for Men

If you are a male needing shelter at Wheeler, you can call the Wheeler Mission Shelter for Men at 317.687.6795 or come to 520 East Market Street, Indianapolis.Click here for a map. Check-in time is from 3:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. daily. Exceptions will be made for first-time guests only.

Emergency Shelter Services

The Mission provides temporary emergency shelter to homeless and/or disadvantaged men. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, showers, clothing, chapel services, case management (with referrals to onsite and offsite social service agencies) are provided. Medical, dental, podiatric and vision services are also available.


It shouldn’t be a surprise to hear that Wheeler serves a big meal at Thanksgiving. It wouldn’t be too much of a surprise to see the Mayor or some Indianapolis Colts players serving during Thanksgiving week. But did you know that Wheeler’s Shelter for Men serves meals 365 days a year? In fact, Wheeler serves more than 300,000 meals every year.

Dinner is served to any adult male who wishes to eat. Breakfast is served only to those guests who have stayed the previous evening. And somehow, God always provides enough food to go around.

Dinner is served from 5:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. The only meal we do not serve is Sunday lunch.

For more information or to volunteer to serve a meal, please email us at volunteer@wmm.org or call us at 317.635.3575.

Special holiday meals are served at Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Day.

Wheeler Mission Ministries’ Center for Women & Children provides meals for single women and women and their children. For more information, click here or call 317.687.3630.


We provide clothing free of charge to any homeless man who is in need. Our clothing room is located at our Men’s Residential Center. Wheeler gladly accepts donations of used clothing and asks only that the items be clean and in good condition. For more information on what donated items we accept, please click here.


Quality health and dental care for the homeless are hard-to-come-by commodities. 50% of women and children clientele are uninsured, and 73% of men are uninsured. Wheeler Mission Ministries is concerned about the physical — as well as the spiritual — well being of the entire individual, and therefore we have become a host for several agencies that offer health care specifically to the homeless only. Our dedicated, first-class facilities are among the most professional clinics for the homeless in the state.

On a rotating basis, the Homeless Initiative Medical Team, a Eskenazi Hospital Medical Team, and a few volunteer dentists staff our clinics. Dental clinics are at our Men’s Residential Center. We have a great need for more volunteer dentists and doctors. Volunteer commitments can be as infrequent as twice a year. If you’re a medical professional and would like to volunteer, please email us at volunteer@wmm.org or call us at 317.635.3575.

Also, social workers from four organizations visit our Shelter for Men several times a week.

Working Guest Program

This program is for homeless men who have secured employment and need additional time to save money for reestablishing themselves into the community with stable housing. In November 2003, Wheeler recognized the need to make special provision for homeless men who were working different hours. These men are evaluated at the end of 30 days to determine their status. A man may be extended an additional 30 days based upon his finances and progress in the program. These extensions, with approval, may add, up to a maximum of six months. All program men are required to save a minimum of 65% of their income. Participation in biblically-based life skills classes and electives are also a part of the program.

Winter Contingency Program

The Winter Contingency Program for the city of Indianapolis is coordinated by Wheeler Mission Ministries. This program ensures that every man, woman and child in the Indianapolis metropolitan area can find a safe place to sleep and a nourishing meal during the cold months. Five months out of the year, November 1 through March 31, outreach teams from various agencies perform “street sweeps” to find the homeless and provide them transportation to one of the shelters in the area. In addition to those who are transported, hundreds of others seek out shelter and food at organizations around town. Wheeler works with all participating agencies to see that their sites are filled to capacity, and then provides overflow lodging and meals to men (at the Downtown Mission ) and women (at the Wheeler Mission Center for Women and Children) when all other area shelters are full.

Marion County Homeless Shelter and Behavioral Health Provider Collaboration

Because no single agency has the resources and expertise needed to comprehensively address the needs of the homeless struggling with mental illness, Wheeler is deeply involved with other shelters, mental and behavioral health agencies, hospitals and law enforcement agencies. More than two dozen of these local agencies work together to collectively provide our clients with the mental health services they need. The Collaboration meets regularly throughout the year, including an all-day planning retreat once a year.

Some of the organizations in the Mental Health/Shelter Provider Collaboration are:
Adult and Child Behavioral Health
Midtown Mental Health Center
Homeless Initiative Program
Horizon House
Coalition for Homelessness Intervention and Prevention (CHIP)

Total lodging provided
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