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Planned Giving

McWhirter Society

The McWhirter Society is named for Luella McWhirter, one of the four women founders of the Mission in 1893, and matriarch of that supportive Indianapolis family.  Membership in the Society is reserved for those individuals who support Wheeler and its Christian life and family saving goals through life-income arrangements, trusts or bequests.  These friends of Wheeler Mission Ministries help to assure its future by strengthening its endowment reserve.  The Society honors them and, through its activities, strives to enhance their appreciation of our mission to change lives, one individual at a time.

Purpose of the Society
By including Wheeler in a charitable estate plan donors are guaranteed that your annual contributions will continue in perpetuity.  That is because all gifts from estate plans are placed in an investment account which we call our endowment. The concept is based on the biblical Joseph’s example in Gen. 41:34-36. The endowment is managed to maintain its real value and help fund long-term needs of Wheeler.  The policy of not invading endowment principal is a key to its growth and stability.  Therefore, unless otherwise donor-directed, all gifts to the McWhirter Society have a lasting purpose and will never lose their value to the people Wheeler serves.

When is enough, enough? Income from Wheeler’s endowment reserve covers only a very small portion of our annual operating budget.  Yet we enjoy the finest Christian urban outreach and intervention program in the country with cutting-edge programs for men, women and children, and families.  The size of our endowment will directly assist in our ability to:
•    continue valued operations during lean years
•    recruit and retain very high quality staff
•    expand our efforts to currently unreached geographical areas
•    extend an additional and unique array of outreach programs
•    produce major events

Membership Profiles
All members of the McWhirter Society have named Wheeler Mission Ministries in their charitable estate plans or they participate in a life-income program involving Wheeler.  Frequently used arrangements:
•    designation of a bequest to Wheeler Mission Ministries (included in their will)
•    established a Charitable Gift Annuity with Wheeler Mission
•    participation in a charitable remainder trust
•    designation for Wheeler of a beneficial interest in an insurance policy, retirement plan, or trust
•    gift of a remainder interest in a personal residence or farm.

Those who have created a provision in their estate plans to benefit Wheeler and who have informed us of their consideration and generosity through documentation of an irrevocable or revocable gift, planned or designated to come from their assets or estate, are eligible for instant membership in the McWhirter Society.

Membership Privileges
•    A listing in Wheeler Mission Ministries’ Annual Report.  (Anonymous gifts will be respected by not being named.)
•    Invitation to an annual McWhirter Society membership experience in connection with a major event at Wheeler
•    Invitations to join Wheeler whenever there are programs featuring updates and news about Wheeler such as the grand opening of the new men’s center on Market Street.

Planned Giving

The following pages will offer ideas as to how you can be a partner in our vision to see every man, woman, and child we serve equipped to be productive citizens who enjoy lasting success in Christ. Helping others can lead to unequaled personal and emotional fulfillment.

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Wheeler Mission Ministries, Inc.
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There are as many different ways to support Wheeler Mission as there are needs for your support.Planning a gift is more than just finding a need. There are a lot of factors to consider. If you are not familiar with the concepts and strategies of charitable gift planning, you might want to take a moment to consider some of the factors in planning for the future. And check out our chart briefly describing some of the charitable means that are available to you – see How Can I…?

The stories that follow share some of the different ways people can become partners with us in changing lives. Take a moment to see how they – perhaps in circumstances similar to yours – have found ways to support the needs of others and causes that are important to them – the way Wheeler Mission is important to you. In turn, they have enriched their own hearts as well. Just click on the links below.

Wills and Bequests Gifts of Appreciated Stock
Charitable Gift Annuities Charitable Remainder Trusts
Gifts of Retirement Assets Gifts of Life Insurance
Charitable Lead Trusts Gifts of Real Estate
Deferred Charitable Gift Annuities Bargain Sales

If you have already included Wheeler Mission in your estate plans, please let us know by calling us or filling out our estate intention form. We would like to assist you in making certain your intentions will be carried out. If you have not written a will yet, regardless of your charitable intent, please consider this for it is a gift to your loved ones.

Some of the gift arrangements are revocable and others cannot be changed once established. Some work better with cash and others with appreciated assets. There are many variations, enough so that a giving plan can be tailored to your needs, desires and capabilities. Individual circumstances will vary – as with all tax and estate planning, please consult your attorney or estate specialist. We will be glad to answer questions and offer suggestions confidentially based on your personal circumstances. Please call us or e-mail us (see contact page). You may also use our information request form.

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