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Giving Items to Wheeler

Wheeler accepts donations of clothing and household items as long as they are clean and in good condition. You may drop off your donations at any of fifteen locations around the city. Click for maps and more details.

Wheeler accepts all kinds of large donations, including furniture, appliances, building materials, etc., but most of the time, we ask that you bring the items to us. Click for more details.

A large percentage of the food Wheeler serves is donated. As long as the food has been stored properly before we receive it, we can accept any fresh or prepared food. We always need canned goods, pastas, spices, condiments, etc.

If you have a car to donate, you’ve come to the right place. Click to see the details of donating any kind of moving vehicle.

If you’re fortunate enough to own appreciated assets and need a way to avoid capital gains taxes, Wheeler would be happy to help. Click for more details.

Like every other office, we use computers, printers, photocopies and other office equipment. Call 317.536.7522 for details.

Click here for a list of our current needs.


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