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“My life had been miserable for so long…”

In his teenage years, Mike’s anger about his absent father turned into using drugs and drinking too much, trying to numb his hurt. Or as he says, “I was just lost, looking for something.”


As an adult, he married and started his own family…but tragically, he lost his infant daughter and his wife within a year of each other.

Left alone, Mike was devastated and plunged back into a wild lifestyle. “I had nothing left to live for,” he says sadly.

By 45, he felt beaten down by life and out of options. “My life had been miserable for so long.” Mike fell deeper into alcohol and drugs to ease his depression, which only made him feel worse. “Addiction is really easy, but it will wreck your life.”

Mike remembers the night when his life began to change. A couple driving by saw him outside, in the cold, and offered him a meal and bed for the night so he wouldn’t freeze. “They showed me grace,” he says. “And they encouraged me to go to Wheeler Mission.”

Though he’d never heard of the Mission, Mike agreed to come to our Men’s Emergency Shelter. As he thought about his next steps, “I kept hearing this word ‘Hebron.’” When
Mike learned it was a long-term recovery program, he knew it was just what he needed and joined our Hebron Addiction Recovery program.

It was here that Mike encountered the Lord for the first time in his life. “God was always the one you asked to get you out of trouble, but it was never a relationship. Today, I’m building a relationship with the Lord.”

He’s also started to repair the relationship with his father who he hadn’t talked to for over 30 years!

Now, as a graduate of Hebron and our Servant Leadership Training program, Mike has left the Mission and has found a job. “It is truly a blessing. I thank God for bring me here and guiding me through these doors.”

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