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Your Stories

Read stories from some of our donors, volunteers, and guests.

(Names have been changed to protect privacy.)

I have a story to tell of a 5-year-old girl, Sara, who has a servant’s heart that will bless those who serve this ministry. My granddaughter began a food drive to help the homeless people of Indianapolis and brought her donations to Wheeler Mission last week. This was totally her idea, not prompted by anyone. According to her mother, when probed about where the idea came from, she responded, “No Mommy, I just woke up one morning and wanted to help the homeless.”

Her mother took her seriously and put the word out to all friends and family. A box was set up in the living room as a collection point, and a Sydney made a sign for the box indicating it was her food drive. An “open” sign was displayed whenever she was home, and a “closed” sign was posted whenever she left the house. She was thrilled each time food was placed in the box.

After Christmas, her mother took her to Wheeler Mission to donate all the food collected. It was quite an experience as she was warmly received and had the opportunity to learn more about The Mission.

Thank you for your time and the wonderful service Wheeler Mission provides to “the least of these” in our community.


To Wheeler Mission Ministries –

Enclosed: Please find a donation of $270.00 in the names of Amanda, Sarah, and Brittany. (The girls held a 13th b-day party and in lieu of “gifts” from their friends, they accepted monetary donations for Wheeler Mission.) Thank you for making a difference for many people.

Very Sincerely – Megan

Wheeler Mission – Please accept this gift. It is not much but hopefully it will help. I received the envelope in the mail and it touched my heart. Wheeler Mission has helped me in the past, tremendously. I used to be homeless. I frequently had dinner and lunch there. I have since been blessed with a home, husband, and daughter. I want to thank you guys for all of your help. You’re a true blessing to many people. May the Lord be with you all during this holiday season.

God Bless – Beth

Dear Wheeler Mission;

My brother and I had a lemonade and brownie sale to raise money for you. We made $7.25. We hope it helps.

Sincerely, Emily (7-year-old girl)

To Wheeler Mission Staff,

I want to thank you for allowing me to stay in a safe place while treating me with respect and dignity. Over the years, I had given up on my faith and your Bible studies and church services restored that in me. Your shelter saved my life and I am very grateful.

Thank you and God bless – Kevin


‘Twas the week before Christmas and all through Lighthouse,
God’s servants were stirring with more zeal than a mouse.

The meal was prepared with compassion, excellence, and care
In hope to please our guests with whom we share.

Our guests receive feeding both inside and out
While we servants’ hearts are nourished, no doubt.

And not only that, which is said in rhyming,
Know that all is done in God’s perfect timing.

One other ingredient that’s a critical part,
Is for us to follow Jesus with all of our heart.

He must be smiling as He looks down on earth,
And sees His servants labor for Him in love, fellowship, and mirth.

As the months go by we eagerly await our serving days,
‘Cause the most important thing is to bring Jesus praise.

We servants strive to make Wheeler’s Lighthouse a better place,
Knowing we depend solely on God’s amazing grace.

Prayer is vital in our feeding ministry of love,
For we know He hears our praise and requests from above.

So, Lord bless Your sons and daughters with joy, peace, and rest.
As we spread Your love to all who deserve our very best.

With you in His service – Justin

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