Mark Felt “Welcomed, Wanted & Important”

1114_WMM_NL_02A lost job was the start of Mark’s trouble with alcohol. “No one was hiring,” he remembers. “I started running out of money and because I had no spiritual foundation, I became anxious.” As his anxiety increased, so did his drinking.

One drink became two drinks, then three drinks,” he says.“I knew I had a problem.”

Once Mark admitted his addiction, he called a friend for guidance on how to find a safe place to get help. “My friend’s son had gone through the recovery program at Wheeler Mission, so I asked him to bring me here.”

Though Mark was feeling anxious and burdened by his addiction as he walked into the Mission, his fears melted away as he was warmly greeted by our staff. “I felt as if thousands of pounds of anxiety had been removed. I felt welcomed, wanted and important.”

Mark joined our addiction recovery program for men, a residential program that combines classes, work therapy and spiritual guidance to help men recover from addictions and harmful patterns in their lives. Part of our program takes place at Camp Hunt in Bloomington, where Mark began to experience the presence of God for the first time.

It was a special time to find peace, quiet and study the Word of God – it helped me build a rock solid foundation,” he says.“I feel grateful and blessed to have been part of the program here.”

Mark graduated from our recovery program and today, is taking part in our supportive housing program. It helps men transition back into the community while providing a safety net of secure housing and accountability.

Now, I’m looking for employment,” he says. “I want to serve God and help people.”

Mark is grateful for all the Mission has given him – and is committed to giving back to others. “Too many of us are takers rather than givers. Giving helps others strengthen a relationship with God. And it literally saves lives.”

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