A few words can transform lives for eternity

0415_WMM_NL_01smMore than half of all Americans don’t have a will — and that means they haven’t written down any instructions about distributing their assets upon death. And it’s not just a problem for young people; four in ten Baby Boomers also lack a will or a trust!

Does that matter? Yes! If you pass away without a will or a trust, your state of residence distributes your assets — and this may not align with your desires and beliefs.

Among the other important reasons for preparing a will or trust is the fact that this is the best way to ensure the causes you supported in life continue for years to come.

Rob and Anna are similar to many supporters of Wheeler Mission. They own their home and car and have some funds in retirement accounts. They don’t consider themselves wealthy by any means, but they know they want whatever is left when they pass away to benefit their grandchildren, their church, missionaries they support and Wheeler Mission.

When they looked into preparing a will, Rob and Anna learned that it’s actually very simple to include Wheeler Mission in their will or trust. First they had to decide what kind of bequest to leave and then include specific language stating their intentions to leave a bequest to Wheeler Mission.

Rob and Anna chose a general bequest which meant that in their will, they included this statement: “I give, devise, and bequeath to Wheeler Mission of Indianapolis, Indiana, the sum of $________ for the benefit of Wheeler Mission and its general purposes.”

We are glad to provide you with the correct language to use if you choose to leave any of the four kinds of bequests to Wheeler Mission when you prepare your will or trust. Simply contact Steve Kerr at (317) 635-3575 or

Like Rob and Anna, you can enjoy every day of your life, knowing that men and women will be eternally impacted for years to come because of your legacy gift to Wheeler Mission!

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