“I’ve gotten closer to God.”


Anitra found herself struggling with all her responsibilities. “I was juggling rent, utilities, paying for food – and I could barely afford daycare.”

She was on the waiting list for daycare through the Children’s Bureau, but as she says, “It can take a year or two. That’s a long time.”

When she unexpectedly lost her job, Anitra knew her family wouldn’t make it much longer without a helping hand.

Anitra was referred to our Center for Women & Children, where she joined our Family Development Program, a residential program focused on life-skills and spiritual development.

In addition to providing a stable place to live, program classes like Conflict Resolution and Saving & Budgeting teach women like Anitra how to better manage money and find lasting employment.

“The staff here makes you feel warm and encourages you.” The Center’s staff helped her find a free daycare program for working families. Now, Anitra can look for work knowing that her children are in a safe and loving environment. “It’s a load off my shoulders,” she says.

Her life has improved in other ways, too. “I was hanging out with the wrong crowd, trusting the wrong people,” she says. “Coming here, I’ve built friendships. I read the Bible and pray a lot.”

“I’ve gotten closer to God. And that’s the key to success.” Anitra and her children are grateful that our Center was able to help her rebuild her family’s lives. Now, the family has moved out and they are living in their own apartment.

“God sent me to the Mission for a reason,” Anitra says, smiling. “He wanted me to stop trying to do things on my own and thinking I could handle anything. At the Mission, I realized that there’s help out there – and people who care.”

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