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On her knees, crying…Lauren almost gave up

1115_WMM_NL_02smallBy the time she was 16, Lauren’s life was spiraling out of control.

She’d experienced emotional and physical abuse from family members. When she was a teenager, she turned to prescription drugs, then heroin to numb the pain she felt.

“My drug use led me to doing things I never thought I would do.”

Lauren got in trouble with the law – more than once. Then, she was hospitalized in the ICU when her pancreas shut down.

It wasn’t until she was sent to jail that she saw herself clearly.

“I literally just dropped to my knees, crying…I was going to take my life,” Lauren remembers. “Then I thought of my daughter – she’s such a good kid and she deserved a mom who was alive… I knew I had to change.”

Lauren completed a local detox program, but had nowhere to go after. “I had no insurance…no money to pay for a program.” Then she found out about our free 12-month addiction recovery program for women.

“I was bawling with gratitude.”

“It’s only by God’s grace that I found Wheeler.”

When Lauren joined our women’s addiction recovery program, she was welcomed into a supportive environment where she began recovering from the pain of her youth. “They treated me like a normal person, which is not how I felt at the time,” she says. “I felt like so much less.”

“­The Mission helps you discover who you really are in Christ.”

Through classes and counseling, Lauren’s been able to develop a God-centered foundation. “The process here is biblical addiction recovery, so it’s changing your whole life, inside and out.”

After a few months, Lauren’s daughter joined her to live at our Center for Women & Children; it’s a new beginning for them both. “She’s seen a lot of amazing things happen here…it’s been a beautiful experience.”

“I’m loved…and it’s my turn to do that for others.”

Lauren once dreamed of opening her own hair salon – but now feels drawn in a different direction. “I feel God calling me to serve others and give back the joy Wheeler has given to me.”

Today, Lauren has new hope through God’s love. “I never thought my life could be like this. I’m a different person now,” she says. “I’m seeing the transformation because of God in my life.”

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Help other people like Lauren…

Lauren’s story of hope and healing is inspiring. Our long-term recovery programs exist to help other men and women in central Indiana find healing. Will you help provide this help to others?


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