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“If it wasn’t for Wheeler, my family wouldn’t know God”

Jessica wasn’t alone when she arrived at the Mission. She had two young children, and a third on the way.

“I was trying so hard to take care of my kids, but I didn’t have a lot of support,” Jessica says.

Fortunately, she heard about Wheeler Mission’s Center for Women & Children. The moment Jessica’s family arrived, they were overwhelmed and wide-eyed at the warm, loving welcome our staff gave them.

“It was hard for me to come here. I didn’t like admitting that we needed help,” says Jessica. “But my kids loved it. And I was given more support than I’d ever had.”

As part of our Family Development Program, Jessica learned so much – from business writing and finding a job to understanding how to finance a house and important study tips before taking her GED test.

While Jessica focused on her responsibilities during the day, her children received care and attention in our free educational children’s ministry.

“If it wasn’t for Wheeler Mission, my kids probably wouldn’t know who God is. Now, they look forward to going to Sunday school.”

 Before the Mission, Jessica felt unstable and was disconnected from God. Now, she’s seen the love of God at work firsthand. “The staff here has seen me at my worst and at my best, and they love me through it all. They showed me how much God cares about my family.”

Coming to the Mission completely changed the lives of Jessica and her children. As she says, “I’m so grateful I can give my kids a healthy, happy childhood!”

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Help other people like Jessica…

Jessica’s story of hope and healing is inspiring. Our long-term recovery programs exist to help other men and women in central Indiana find healing. Will you help provide this help to others?


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