Alan was ready to admit “I want help”

Alan remembers when his drinking and drug use went from recreational to something he “couldn’t do without.”

“The last few years were pretty rough,” he says. “Heroin. Prison. I even attempted to take my own life. I was just completely lost.”

Alan tried outpatient programs, but he found that nothing changed. “They kept me away from drugs, but they didn’t change my way of thinking.”

After losing his family, his job, and even a place to live, Alan ended up at a local hospital and told the attending doctor, “I want help.” That’s when the doctor gave him a list of 30 organizations and circled just one – Wheeler Mission.

It wasn’t easy for Alan to step through our doors. “It was terrifying,” he explains. “I was sick, had no money, no relationship with God and no plans to stick to the program here.”

But no one here – our counselors, or the other men in our Addiction Recovery Program – was going to let Alan quit. “All these guys came by to introduce themselves, hugging me, asking me how I was doing, telling me they were glad I was here.”

And what really struck him was how happy and at peace the men in our program seemed. “I would do whatever I had to do in the program to get what they had.”

Alan came in without spiritual direction – or interest in finding any. But as he’s learned to trust God, step by step, his life has transformed.

Since Alan has graduated, he’s rebuilt his relationship with his family, found a great church, job and now has a place of his own.

As he looks forward, he’s passionate about serving others who are in the same position he was once in. “I’d like to help guys who feel like they have no other options, who don’t realize steps they can take to change their lives.”

“Wheeler Mission saves lives,” Alan says with a smile. “It definitely saved my life.”

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