“My life was lonely & hopeless!”

Jacob was just 24 when he realized how isolated his addiction to drugs had made him.

“My life was lonely and hopeless. I didn’t have a job or any money,” he says. “I didn’t have any friends. I lost everything, including all my relationships.”

His addiction was such a powerful force that it led him to hurt the people he loved most. “My family was going to file a restraining order so I didn’t steal from them or hurt them again,” he says sadly. “I was just at the end of my rope.”

Growing up in Indianapolis, Jacob had heard about our long-term men’s addiction recovery program – in fact, he knew a family friend who had graduated from it. He decided to see if Wheeler Mission could help him, too.

“I knew I needed to be here,” Jacob says. “I couldn’t quit on my own, and I realized the damage I was causing my family.”

As Jacob healed from years of addiction, our staff and the other men in the program encouraged him to also care for his spiritual health – something that Jacob hadn’t thought about in a long time.

“I grew up in church, but by my 20s, I didn’t believe anymore,” he says. “But here, I developed a relationship with the Lord. I’ve learned how to handle life – and disappointment – in a healthy way now. Before, I would just go get high.”

After graduating from the program, Jacob spent a year ministering to other men in our Servant Leadership Training (SLT) program. “You learn that you lead by example, by serving others first.”

Today, a graduate of SLT, Jacob is very involved at a local church, helping with their music ministry – and also works as a case manager at Wheeler Mission!

“I have a purpose and a direction in my life now. My relationships that I destroyed have been restored,” he says. “God is clearly working at Wheeler Mission. He’s constantly restoring lives and redeeming people who are lost and far from Him.”

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